Bringing every home to industry-leading 21st century technology standards


We are the leaders in enriching living environments by connecting humans with simple, accessible audio and technological solutions.  We empower you to discover the soul of your home.


Today's homes have alarms, lighting control, televisions, music, automated blinds, HVAC control and so much more. Unfortunately, very people know how to make everything work together harmoniously. Audio Insider is here to change that.

You get a lot more than a well designed solution. Expect a smarter home and better sound in your space:

  • save time - we are technology experts. We know where to start, what to use and how to put everything together properly
  • lower the cost of adding the right technology to your space
  • a full parter for all technology decisions so you can focus on doing what you do best
  • connect you with great local technology partners who will bid on our design and compete for your business
  • make it easy - from the selection process to the first time that space comes alive when everything is turned on

We help select the right options and then we help find great partners to bid on the system. 

To really understand what drives us, watch this video about the impact of adding music to our lives